WCTD 2023

Global perspectives and priorities on the road to circularity

WCTD 2023

On October 5th 2023 we hosted our live annual event for WCTD 2023 and has the pleasure of welcoming Martin Böschen, CEO of Texaid, Tricia Carey CCO at Renewcell, Caitrin Watson Director Of Sustainability at Shein and Jonathan Chippindale Chief Executive at Holition.

You can now watch the full live stream below.

There is more….

At our live event we also had the pleasure of sharing two brand new projects. First up our team’s trip to Indonesia. Join us as we delve into the promising opportunities that Indonesia offers in the realm of circular textiles. Watch below.

And lastly, we are beyond excited to share a look at The Global Mapping Project: A 3D Visualisation. In collaboration with Holition we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life a visual representation of our global mapping project.

This exciting tool pinpoints circularity initiatives happening across the globe. It’s a remarkable resource that not only showcases the progress being made but also inspires others to join the circular textiles movement.

Are you on the map?

Indonesia is ready for change. Are you?

In May, we visited Indonesia on a circularity expedition and were hugely encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm for materials circularity from our visits to textile recycling initiatives, producers and educators, with our host, APR.

As we’ve mentioned, we are collaborating with APR on this year’s regional spotlight on Indonesia, as part of WCTD 2023.

View the Indonesia trailer above which previews our brand new film coming soon.

How to contribute your organisations circular progress

This year, WCTD is inviting signatories to report their circular progress via the WCTD Knowledge Hub with 2 options: 

  • Option 1: You could simply make sure your existing Knowledge Hub profile is up to date with yearly progress, by logging in to the Knowledge Hub and making edits to your circular activities by 15th September every year, so that it contains the most up to date information.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, you can add new activities under your organisation if you have started an entirely new piece of work that is related to previous activities of yours on the Knowledge Hub.

Please note: All data collected on the WCTD Knowledge Hub is being collected in the Circular Hotpots Map. To be on the map, you need to upload your circular activities on the WCTD Knowledge Hub. Don’t be left off the map! Please get in touch with Karen at mail@worldcirculartextilesday.com if you need any support.

Remember you can now book your tickets for the live in-person event at The Conduit in London here.

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