WCTD 2023

Global perspectives and priorities on the road to circularity

WCTD 2023 is on the way!

The theme for this year’s WCTD is “Global Perspectives and Priorities on Circular Textiles.” Our focus will be on understanding the commonalities and distinctions among key stakeholders from the East, West, North, and South. It will be a unique opportunity to gain insights into the shared challenges and diverse approaches that shape the circular textiles landscape worldwide.

Mark your calendars for October 5th from 6pm-7.30pm, when we will gather at The Conduit for an engaging in-person panel discussion.

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Martin Böschen

CEO of Texaid

As the CEO of Texaid for almost 20 years, Martin is an expert and contributor in many different textile circular economy initiatives and representative of the interests of the textile recycling industry at a worldwide level.

Tricia Carey

CCO at Renewcell

Throughout her career, Tricia believes in ‘progress over perfection’. As an advocate for innovation and circularity in the textile and apparel industry, she recently joined Renewcell to accelerate the commercial development of Circulose®, making fashion circular.

Caitrin Watson

Director Of Sustainability at Shein

Caitrin is the director of sustainability of SHEIN and has been in the role since 2022. She specialises in sustainable product development from concept to customer in the apparel industry.

Jonathan Chippindale

Chief Executive at Holition

Jonathan is a digital entrepreneur, with a creative technology start-up turned SME, and a wide experience of mentoring and advising business and academic institutions around the world. He has over twenty five years of experience in luxury goods, and with an emphasis on digital, and a proven track record of creating value and driving sales.

Can’t make it to London? No problem.

Our event will be live streamed, allowing everyone to tune in and participate from anywhere in the world.

What you can expect from the live event:

  • Witness the unveiling of the Circular Hotspots Map, an engaging digital visualisation created by and in collaboration with Holition which pinpoints circularity initiatives across the globe.
  • Immerse yourself in a regional spotlight on Indonesia, with a short film which captures the perspectives and observations of the WCTD 2023 co-founders’ expedition with APR and Rantai Tekstil Lestari (RTL).

As always, the official WCTD celebration will stay on its traditional date, October 8th, this year falling on a Sunday. Join us on social media to partake in the festivities, share your insights, and contribute to the global dialogue on circular textiles. Our signatory access will provide you with key information and graphics for when you post on social media. Access it here.

The WCTD team is excited once again to come together to celebrate our collective achievements and envision a more sustainable textile future.

Please sign up for our livestream event here.

Indonesia is ready for change. Are you?

In May, we visited Indonesia on a circularity expedition and were hugely encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm for materials circularity from our visits to textile recycling initiatives, producers and educators, with our host, APR.

As we’ve mentioned, we are collaborating with APR on this year’s regional spotlight on Indonesia, as part of WCTD 2023.

View the Indonesia trailer above which previews our brand new film coming soon.

How to contribute your organisations circular progress

This year, WCTD is inviting signatories to report their circular progress via the WCTD Knowledge Hub with 2 options: 

  • Option 1: You could simply make sure your existing Knowledge Hub profile is up to date with yearly progress, by logging in to the Knowledge Hub and making edits to your circular activities by 15th September every year, so that it contains the most up to date information.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, you can add new activities under your organisation if you have started an entirely new piece of work that is related to previous activities of yours on the Knowledge Hub.

Please note: All data collected on the WCTD Knowledge Hub is being collected in the Circular Hotpots Map. To be on the map, you need to upload your circular activities on the WCTD Knowledge Hub. Don’t be left off the map! Please get in touch with Karen at mail@worldcirculartextilesday.com if you need any support.

Remember you can now book your tickets for the live in-person event at The Conduit in London here.

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