WCTD 2023

Global perspectives and priorities on the road to circularity

Join us for WCTD2023, where we work towards broadening the conversation around textiles circularity, ensuring that it’s an inclusive, global cultural movement.


This year, WCTD will be exploring some of the similarities and differences between East/West/North/South regional perspectives on circularity and what the priorities are for key stakeholders.

To capture the essence of this, we are delighted to announce this year’s regional spotlight on Indonesia and a collaboration with APR and Rantai Tekstil Lestari (RTL).

The WCTD co-founders are excited to have been invited by APR and RTL to visit Indonesia and meet with industry stakeholders to listen, learn and see more about how they are driving forward circularity in this corner of the globe. The visit aims to capture key insights and build a deeper understanding of ‘regional circularity diversity’.

Look out for stories from the Co-founders circularity expedition, and feel free to join in on the conversation wherever you are. The dialogue will inform the WCTD programme content for 8th October 2023. Please get in touch if you’d like to build on the regional momentum in your area!

The live event will be in London at The Conduit, with regional input from collaborators. (More to follow).

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