Become a Circular Hero Partner

WCTD is seeking Circular Hero partners to support its year round systems change activities, including:

    1. Growing our community of signatories through social media, newsletters and outreach.
    2. Platform management of the WCTD Knowledge Hub, the world’s largest online archive and hub for capturing circular textiles activities.
    3. 8th October annual event, a day to spread circularity awareness and to engage the industry and beyond at a live and online hybrid event. Input aggregated from the Knowledge Hub, additional research and industry participation are combined to provide content which reflects on the year’s progress and looks to what’s needed next to achieve the 2050 vision of Full Circularity.

World Circular Textiles Day is the only initiative that fills the important space of tracking and emboldening circular textiles progress until 2050.

With a small team and efficient use of resources we are able deliver maximum impact on minimal finances.


    • 1 year inclusion on all marketing materials, newsletters, social media from June 2022.
    • 1 year recognition as Circular Hero partner on the WCTD Knowledge Hub.
    • Centre stage branding at the 7th October, 2022 WCTD hybrid livestream/London event at The Conduit.
    • Guaranteed spotlight (e.g. pre-recorded clip or interview) during the WCTD 2022 Livestream event.
    • A separate and exclusive 1.5 hour virtual brainstorm session on the Circular Economy with the WCTD co-founders (Circle Economy, Centre for Circular Design, Worn Again Technologies) with max. 5 persons from your company.


    • £2,500 (for companies w/turnover under £5m)
    • £5,000 (companies w/turnover over £5m)

How to become a Circular Hero Partner

Contact us on to arrange an initial call with one of our founders.

WCTD is a non-profit collaboration which is voluntarily run as a project by its Co-Founders. Any funds generated for WCTD are processed through Devil’s Curve Limited (UK Registered Company No. 12667228) and are reinvested into the WCTD project activities. 


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