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World Circular Textiles Day is for anyone who is impassioned and excited by our vision for Full Circularity: 2050. Anyone who wonders why items are wasted, rather than reused, anyone who wants products to remain products as long as possible, until they can be broken down into raw materials for making new textiles. Anyone who strives for dignity, equity and equality.

Join our community of circular technologies, intra- and entrepreneurs, brands, retailers, conveners, collectors, value chain producers, designers, policymakers, organisers, facilitators, campaigners – and of course their pets – to make this happen.

Logo board of WCTD signatories

Organisations, brands, local authorities

The pioneers of industry who are dedicated to making circularity a reality.  

Cyndi Rhodes
Craig Cohon
Tom Keaveney
Orsola de Castro
Mike McGrory
Dr Kate Goldsworthy
Margot Chevalier
Lynn Wilson
Angelo Gagliardi
Bettina Hobson
Bukra Kalaycı
Daniel Cornish
Traci Kinden
Shamini Dhana
Garvit Sahdev
Ludmila Haring
Jan Merckx
Laurent Fang
Imran Asghar
Minna Nurmisalo
Dario Diaz
Sharon Silbermann
Isabel Willshaw
AMC Newton
Stefaan Cognie
Tamsin Lejeune
Amey Padma
Ngaire Takano


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