WRAP has worked in the field of sustainable clothing for nearly ten years, both through our UK Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 Commitment, and in partnership with other European countries for the European Clothing Action Plan. This year we began a major new project to move towards a circular economy for clothing around the world via Circular Clothing Action Plans

At the heart of all these programmes is a focus on reducing the impact our clothes have on the environment. We take a truly circular approach to the problem. From addressing the stresses of agricultural and manufacturing practices, through introducing new business models in retail, to engaging citizens through awareness campaigns like Love Your Clothes to promote longevity, recycling and re-use, we really hope to make a difference. 

A circular approach to the problem is crucial to tackle pressures at every stage of the lifecycle of our clothes, and WRAP is delighted to be a founding supporter of World Circular Textiles Day.