TORAJAMELO is a slow, ethical, sustainable, lifestyle brand that is working towards alleviating the cycle of systemic poverty in rural excluded communities due to outward migration and environmental sustainability of natural habitats.

Our commitments of circularity involve social, cultural, and environmental.

Our work is centered around handwoven textiles from women driven rural indigenous communities of Indonesia, and we believe weavers to be our partners rather than vendors. We are striving towards financial and social sustainability of our communities by exploring additional sources of income, so that they are no longer reliant on TORAJAMELO for the sustenance.
The goal is to ensure these women in marginalised communities are key drivers in their own and their communities’ economic and overall development.

TORAJAMELO is continuously improving its sustainable practices by sourcing natural materials, reducing waste, working with local suppliers, and heading towards developing local circular economy. We are currently investigating our end-to- end supply chain in order to identify areas where we can act more responsibly, build transparency, and achieve 100% product traceability.