The Sustainable Fashion Academy:

The scientific community continues to sound the alarm that the planet is warming way too much and way too fast; that the biodiversity that we humans depend on is in such rapid decline that we are likely on the verge of a mass extinction; that increasing inequality and misinformation is a threat to our democratic institutions. In its current form, the global apparel industry contributes significantly to these problems and therefore, if it is to maintain its relevance and license to operate, must change. And fast. That is why we need bold, smart, and honest leadership. We call on our politicians and government representatives, financial institutions and business leaders, innovators and citizens to advocate for and enact policies and practices that make it too expensive to invest in bad industry practices and outdated linear business models. We call on our leaders to ensure that the only economically viable and profitable choice is to invest in solutions that are truly circular and just. We are in a state of emergency. It is time we start acting like it.

Michael Schragger, Founder and Executive Director, The Sustainable Fashion Academy