Singapore Fashion Council

Singapore Fashion Council (SFC) serves as the catalyst driving the industry’s continuous growth, with a focus on three key areas: Asian Craftsmanship, Sustainability, and Innovation & Technology. With a mission to empower and inspire all brands across the fashion ecosystem, SFC works closely with diverse partners to offer readily-accessible resources, meaningful networks, sustainability-focused innovations, and future-forward insights — unlocking new opportunities for impact. Fashion Sustainability Programme – SFC’s Fashion Sustainability Programme aims to generate progress and a competitive edge for the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industries by positioning Singapore as the regional capital for innovative and sustainable solutions. To this end, SFC consistently expands and collaborates with our network of sustainability-driven entities, including companies, organisations, government agencies, and communities spanning the entire fashion value chain. Through these collaborations, SFC aims to develop comprehensive toolkits for businesses to adopt sustainable practices, introduce programs for talent capability development, and facilitate industry-wide discussions to identify common challenges and explore viable solutions. Furthermore, SFC actively engages in outreach initiatives, connecting with both corporates and consumers. Through a series of public talks and workshops, we strive to raise awareness about fashion sustainability and empower stakeholders across the fashion value chain to actively contribute to reducing their environmental impact.