ReFresh WCTD signatory


At ORTA, it is in our DNA to combine art, technology and sustainability to create traceable, durable and circular products with positive handprint. Our own team of experts has been just as obsessive with their quest for the perfect formula creating ORTA denim, in our case, for the optimum balance of recycled materials and durability.

This is why we have created our Golden Ratio Standard: The perfect mix of pre & post-consumer recycled materials and alternative natural materials to give the look and feel of quality that our denim is so well known for, while retaining the ultimate in strength and long term of durability that stands for the test of time. This is our way of fabric development based on built to last with both physical and emotional durability. And it represents our Golden Ratio designing mentality that provides a standard of ORTA’s commitment to designing a world without waste.

Golden Ratio is the all-knowing ORTA innovation at its best combining sustainably circular production with durable construction for denim that stands the test of time. Taking the best features of all ORTA products, Golden Ratio fabrics are eco designed from perfectly blended materials for strength, for both physical and emotional durability and longevity.