High End Hammys:

My name is Natasha and I have created an online platform for parents to be matched to exchange their kids outgrown uniforms for items that fit. Think Tinder for school uniforms.

This offers an economical option for parents whilst raising revenue for schools. For every 10 parents to sign up, I will start donating 50% of the memberships fees to that school.

Parents are matched based on their kids size, gender and uniform need. Once matched, parents can swap one time or for all future uniform needs, removing financial and availability barriers to school uniforms.

I am aware not everyone will join, but it gives a sustainable option for second hand uniforms, it removes the burden on school uniform shop volunteers and generates revenue for schools with no investment from them besides driving sustainability living amongst the school community.

Did you know over 12,000 of uniforms end up in landfill every year in Australia! I want to be part of the sustainable fashion movement that leads Australia to a change in mindset about second hand clothing. www.highendhammydowns.com