With the immense rise in textile crafts, fiber inspired interior design, and sustainable fashion practices, Fossick Studio is committed to providing a circular future within these sectors by connecting the larger, industrial fashion industry with the substantial craft, design, and niche fashion markets. All of Fossick’s products are sourced from pre-consumer waste produced in the manufacturing of textiles, yarns, fashion, and interior design industries as well as vintage and secondhand clothing and materials which allows us to offer sustainable fibers in smaller quantities.

By following circular economy practices including using botanical dyes, transparent supply chain logistics, and lifecycle assessments Fossick aims to create an environmentally healthy and more egalitarian workplace and society. Working with salvaged materials and local textile recycling companies allows us to utilize existing relationships and technologies while working to develop new sustainable materials for the sizeable craft and design markets. We encourage experimentation with innovative materials and plan to raise awareness about the unsustainable products and practices within these industries by educating and offering eco-friendly fiber products as viable options to existing options that are currently available.