WCTD - Usha Yarns Limited

Balaji Santhanam, Recyck, LLC, Founder

We as Recyck (Pronunciation – ‘Re-Pysch’) provide Fashion repairs as a service to customers in and around NYC/ NJ. As we know, Over Production and Over Consumption are 2 biggest challenges in the fashion industry and we as Recyck are helping customers prolong their existing clothing as long as possible by providing an easy to use repair service at their doorstep. Repair is the highest impact when it comes to reduction in production, reduction in usage of natural resources, reduction in GHG emissions and keep the fashion products in existence longer. We also understand that there will and always be end of life clothing and we are partnering with recycling agencies to recycle end of life clothing to make raw materials that can be used for making something new again thereby enabling 100% circularity


Recycling post consumer waste infrastructure


Awareness, Investment, Support and utilizing repair services