WCTD - Usha Yarns Limited

Hannah Wesselby, Recover™. Marketing Manager

One of our biggest accomplishments is the growth of the company and the scaled production of recycled fiber to meet surging demand, which has been made possible through great investment. We have just opened our first facility in Bangladesh, in alliance with our partners Beximco, and to reinforce our presence, we will open a second hub in Dhaka in 2022. We are also working hard with Artistic Denim Mills (ADM), our partner in Pakistan, to scale the use of recycled cotton from post-consumer denim. We have plans to expand Recover’s presence in Asia with a new facility in southern Vietnam, with this facility being vital to support the Southeast Asian market.


Dealing with waste resources as a raw material is a challenge as we are dealing with more variation and quality differences among our input material than you would have with homogeneous virgin raw material inputs. Control and traceability are key, especially for post-consumer feedstock. Recover™, as high value fiber-to-fiber recycler has very specific needs with regards to sorting and preparing this feedstock and there currently is a big technology and capacity gap in the market to fulfil those needs. These are challenges that we cannot solve alone. For this reason, we are partners in several industry initiatives to help build the circular supply chains and infrastructure that we need to scale these circular practises.


Transforming our industry from linear to circular cannot happen alone. Recover™ requires collaboration of business partners, suppliers, and customers on specific trials to scale the recycling of post-consumer waste, the holy grail of circularity. Only together can we build and scale the traceable, resource efficient, resilient circular supply chains that we need to achieve the climate targets and stay within the planetary boundaries.