WCTD - Usha Yarns Limited


  • Launch of 1st MMC Lyocel fiber (TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™) being made with recycled content already in 2017 – Lenzing as the pacemaker in cellulosic recycling
  • Cooperation/partnership with Södra signed 2021 to jointly speed up process of postconsumer recycling of cellulose-rich waste and to enlarge the industrial-scale line to process up to 25kt post-consumer textile waste by 2025
  • Participation in Accelerating Circularity USA trials, as well as EU trials
  • New brand programs with Everlane, Hanky Panky, Gap, Parade, Tentree Timberland, as well as continued programs with Levis, Boyish, Kings of Indigo
  • Beyond textile to textile circularity, we also introduced Limited Edition innovations with ag-waste including orange and hemp.


  • Having the infrastructure ready for raw material (preparation): sorting and collecting is not advanced enough to meet the demand for big recycling plants (like providing sorted material according to fiber type for >100KT-plants) at a good sorting-quality level and reasonable prices
  • The market (brands, customers) being ready to pay some premium for more sustainable products and the politics to support by incentives/regulation/EPR-schemes the transformation from linear to circular
  • Co-marketing a clear message to consumers – avoid greenwashing.


  • Readiness to collaborate and contribute (financial and with commitment) in each step of the value chain.