WCTD - Usha Yarns Limited

John Parkinson, Iinouiio – Textile Repurpose, Co-Founder

This year we installed the UK’s only textile recycling machinery suitable for Textile, wool and cashmere. This machine recycles both pre- and post- consumer textile waste and unwanted garments, enabling us to work with both manufacturers and brands to help improve textile circularity for the whole of the UK.

We have saved 3500kg of waste since we started in early August 2022 and we are super excited to be working on our new range of recycled yarns in order to save more waste.


At Iinouiio, we create high quality recycled yarns and materials that have been skilfully created using up limited waste streams. The colours of our yarns and woven fabrics are developed and curated to outlast fashion trends. Our biggest challenge is working with the trends and to focus on quality and skill used to make the recycled yarn rather than the expectation of endless and repeatable colour choices.


Collaboration. We work with brands and manufacturers to process their textile waste that would otherwise be downcycled, end up in landfill or be shipped abroad. Besides sending us their waste, we need our collaborators to also buy our recycled fibres, yarns and/or woven fabrics to help us succeed in creating a circular system for UK companies.