Mateusz Wielopolski, Circulix GmbH, Product and Business Development

We have developed a system to assess circularity along the entire value chain of textile manufacturing addressing the interdependence of the circularity aspects, such as supply chain, materials, production, end-of-life, etc. Our system drives the implementation of circularity along all these aspects simultaneously. It helps companies to identify those strategies that are most efficient regarding their specific value chain rather than optimizing single aspects one by one.


We need to learn from experience since there is no one-fits-all solution to implement circularity along the entire value chain so far. 100% circularity encompasses entire value chains, which may greatly differ from company to company, and therefore it is complicated to find universal solutions. The biggest challenge is the lack of standardized data sets from which we can learn and deduce the most efficient strategies. Circulix’ goal is to close this gap by supporting companies to quickly start implementing circularity and generate this data.


The willingness and openness of all stakeholders along the textile value chain to collaborate and share their experiences, so that we can translate those in efficient strategies for the implementation of circularity across the entire textile industry ecosystem.