Sylvia Calvo, Sylvia Calvo BCN – Circular Fashion, Founder/Owner

I transform Jute Coffee bags into unique and elegant clothing and accessories. This year I have developed a new regenerated yarn by scaling my project and thru our local remaining textile industry in Barcelona, we have shredded jute coffee bags, made a regenerated yarn and made a fabric with it. I am testing the first 100 meters made with this industrial test.


Getting all the components, like linings, zippers, etc … from local sustainable sources, and getting structure support, support to continue developing new regenerated fabrics from by-products of local industries and improving the results of our first industrial test. I want to also investigate how to develop our own trims with regenerated materials.


Support to get enough structure to improve the results of the first tests, and start the tests and research for our second proposed cellulosic by-pass material from a local neighbor industry so we can investigate and create a new yarn/fabric from waste material of another industry.