WCTD - Usha Yarns Limited

Romain Narcy, Ereks Blue Matters, Partner- strategic and Innovation development

Circularity is a very complex process, so I don’t know how true those who say they have achieved this 100% in a short time can tell. For us, transforming the energy and waste we use was one of the biggest things we have done so far. In addition to converting all of our wastewater, we are also working on a new waste recycling system for the factory’s waste. In addition, while we were thinking about different reuse, repurpose, and unique design methods, we contributed to Circle Book 3, which has circular outputs in design, with our laser systems.


I think we have too many hurdles ahead of us. We have to take circularity as a major transformational movement, focusing on the many elements within it rather than the carbon tunnel vision. And it’s also very important to act together. Misunderstandings can delay the circularity process.


collaboration, open communication, knowledge transfer, common purposes, sectoral transformation, making it for the future instead of interests