WCTD - Usha Yarns Limited

Magdalena Freidl, ASKET, PR Coordinator

Since we started our revival program last year, we were able to revive 80% of the collected garments. This summer we had our first resale where we could sell 50% of these revived garments in just one weekend. The second event is already planned for the end of the year.


The next challenge are the remaining 20% that are not resalable just like that. We want to make sure, we make the most out of each individual item. Therefore, we have started to work on an up-cycling and re-make solution. We are planing to recycle the remaining part that cant be remade, however we are also facing challenges here since we do not have the big volumes some recycling facilities are requiring. So while we are piling up, we will look into optimal recycling solution – to ensure nothing ends up in the landfill or incineration. Our advantage is that we have pure material, since that is often a requirement in order to recycle fabrics.


We would need partnerships that help us utilise as much as possible from our fabrics. (especially help to transform our recycled fibers into new fibers).