Circolare Club:

Circolare Club is Australia’s first sustainable closed loop personalised clothing swap system. Customers send in their good condition pre-loved clothes, fill in a customised style survey detailing their sizes, likes, and dislikes, and receive back a mystery bundle of preloved clothes hand picked and styled just for them. The target of Circolare Club is young women in the highschool-mid 20s age range, as they are the largest consumers of textiles, and producers of waste. Circolare Club allows them to keep preloved clothes in circulation, and makes sustainable fashion fun, accessible, and simple. All clothing that is not up to standard is given to Upparel, where fibres are broken down and repurposed, so nothing goes to waste. It is encouraged that customers send in their clothes to swap in an old cardboard box (such as a wine box, box other items have arrived in etc..) and their bundle is sent back to them in the same box (via a carbon neutral delivery service). Other orders are sent out in compostable mailers.