British Fashion Council:

The British Fashion Council (BFC) and the Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF) are delighted to become a Founding Signatory of World Circular Textiles Day and to join forces on the path to a fully circular 2050.

The BFC strengthens British Fashion in the global economy as a leader in responsible, creative businesses. It does this through championing diversity, building and inviting the industry to actively participate in a network to accelerate a successful circular fashion economy.

The BFC launched the IPF earlier this year. The IPF helps the British Fashion Industry lead in the goal to be more resilient and circular through global collaboration and local action. Leveraging global expertise and resources, the IPF adopts standards, develops and establishes frameworks to reset and create a new blueprint for the industry. Through identifying common challenges, the IPF calls for collective action and investment in innovation to make a difference. The IPF aims to bring the industry in tune with the needs of the planet by taking a holistic approach across environment, people, community & craftsmanship.