Adetex.CS / Circlolink RFID Threads

Circlolink Digital Product Passport via RFiD THREADS®

Hybrid 2-in-1 DPP from fibre to feedstock and all the ‘Rs’ in-between using the worlds first washable radio frequency digital ID tag housed in a single thread to stay with the product for life.

RFiD THREADS® links products from raw materials to feedstock including traceability, authenticity and circularity.

Base Data is entered onto our CIRCAA app cloud platform to stay with the product to continue to collect real-time data throughout the entire lifecycle. Circlolink solution is a hybrid DPP; linking the RFiD THREADS® with a unique QR Code for customer engagement.

It collects data for LCA, longevity and mitigation reporting along its lifecycle and offers accurate EPR , compliance, SDGs, and metrics for brands, stakeholders and government.

Stays with products to collect real-time data throughout entire lifecycle. Increases brands ROI through efficient returns and partnerships to rent, repair, resale, reuse, redesign then finally recycle, remanufacture, regenerate to repurpose.

Bulk scan 1000s instantly, read by CIRCAA Cloud Platform connects to brands Supply Chain Management software then disconnects by request or at Point-of-Sale to become open source.

RFiD THREADS® Base Data is then readable in bulk by commercial UHF scanners to collect additional circular pathway data; eg. for rental, repair, resale, reuse, redesign and then scanned for semi-automated and automated sorting to be recycled.

Facilitates semi-automated and automated sorting according to fibre and chemical composition to support safer feedstocks. RFID Threads 10cm metal thread is recovered to reset, reuse or recycle as e-waste.